Momentum underway at LPASC

Thoughtful and effective planning is critical if we are to create vibrant, thriving and sustainable communities. How we plan our communities–how we set priorities and goals and make decisions — can be complicated. Often, through planning, we must resolve many different needs and interests. The process is most effective when there are checks and balances, and when many voices in the community come together to work collaboratively. That’s where we come in.

We are the Local Planning Appeal Support Centre (our acronym is pronounced “L-PASC”). We are a new government agency created to help the Ontario public better understand and navigate the land use planning and appeal process in Ontario.

We are fast approaching our first, six-month mark. Our staff and operations are in place, and we are already supporting clients with information and guidance on how to get involved early in local planning, and we are representing them at mediation and hearing events.

I hope you enjoy this new e-publication Planning Ahead which aims to provide helpful information on planning and appeal developments in Ontario. This issue introduces our new Interim Guide to Services & Eligibility. We have put together an interim plan and are asking our community to provide feedback.

Please review our Guide and let us know what you think: Are we addressing the needs of the Ontario public? How can we better help you? You can share your views in our online comment form. Our consultation period closes October 31, 2018.

On behalf of the Board and staff of LPASC, we look forward to keeping you informed of our progress and supporting you with information, advice and representation on land use planning issues in Ontario.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Lee
Executive Director