LPASC begins consultation on its services

The Local Planning Appeal Support Centre introduces its interim plan for information and professional services and invites feedback from the community. The Centre is conducting an open consultation until October 31, 2018.

LPASC was launched in April 2018 to help people understand and navigate the land use planning and appeal process in Ontario. The Province charged the Centre through the LPASC Act, 2017 to establish and administer a cost-effective and efficient system for providing support services, and to establish criteria for determining the eligibility of persons to receive the support.

Through its first five months of operation, LPASC engaged with clients and stakeholders to determine how it can best provide support to the Ontario public. Based on its preliminary experience, The Centre has created a draft plan which sets out two tiers of support:

  • Information services – free information and guidance for all individuals and groups interested in understanding or participating in the land use planning and appeal process, and
  • Professional services – free professional planning and/or legal services for cases dealing with a development application, policy amendment or in support of an LPAT appeal. Clients may have an opportunity to set up a service agreement for professional services if their case meets certain [eligibility criteria], such as the underlying issues are not consistent or do not conform with existing laws, approved planning policies or regulations.

The Centre would like to hear from developers, property owners, community groups, professional planners, lawyers, public service employees and elected officials–all those who are involved in community planning. The Centre is asking: “what services would be most important to you?”, and “what additional services could be provided?” More information about LPASC services and a feedback form can be found online at www.lpasc.ca.

“As a new government agency, it is important to us that we take time to hear from our community and evolve our services in response,” says Mary Lee, Executive Director of LPASC. “Land use planning can be complicated, and we are here to help the public engage early in planning and navigate the appeals process as quickly and effectively as possible.”