Request for Services

Request for Planning Service
RFS No 2018-10-25

The Local Planning Appeal Support Centre (LPASC) hereby issues a Request for Services (“RFS”) for Planning Support Services to be provided on an on-call basis.

LPASC provides members of the public with information, advice and representation on planning matters. As a small agency of the Government of Ontario, LPASC’s service delivery model requires that it have the flexibility to call upon additional service capacity to meet temporary increases in case load or the need to draw on special expertise, such as bilingual planning services or services with a regional focus.

To increase LPASC’s capacity to deliver on its mandate, the aim of this procurement is to create a roster of planners to deliver services of the RFS across Ontario and provide services in English and French, upon request. Planners will work under the general direction of LPASC, following its approach to service delivery, eligibility criteria, tracking and reporting.


UPDATE: LPASC has compiled a list of questions from vendors interested in responding to the Request for Services (RFS). To be fair and transparent in the bidding process, LPASC has now documented responses to the vendors’ questions and circulated the Qs and As to the vendors who asked questions and to those who have expressed interest in responding to the RFS to date.

The Qs and As are available upon request. Please contact Cheryl Aylward, Manager, Strategic Business Services at to request a copy.

Responses due by Thursday, November 15, 2018.


Download PDF of RFS