Reports and Plans

Annual Reports

Our annual reports will give an overview of the centre’s activities during the previous fiscal year. When the first Local Planning Appeal Support Centre annual report is ready it will be posted here.


Business Plans

Our business plan provides a three-year outlook and is updated annually. The plan includes information on planned activities, budget and staffing.  When the business plan is ready it will be posted here.


Open Data

Ontario’s Open Data Directive requires every provincial agency to publish a list of datasets they create. The goal is to improve transparency and accountability. When the centre has collected data, it will be published here.



Approved travel, meal and hospitality expenses for LPASC’s Executive Director and the members and Chairperson of the Board are reported each quarter and can be viewed by following the links below:

2018-19 First Quarter Expense Report

2018-19 Second Quarter Expense Report

2018-19 Third Quarter Expense Report

2018-19 Fourth Quarter Expense Report