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Issue 1. September 2018

On the Horizon

Momentum underway at LPASC

Thoughtful and effective planning is critical if we are to create vibrant, thriving and sustainable communities. How we plan our communities--how we set priorities and goals and make decisions -- can be complicated. Often, through planning, we must resolve many different needs and interests. The process is most effective when there are checks and balances, and many voices in the community come together to work collaboratively. That’s where we come in. read more

Summary of Client Inquiries

April to August, 2018

Stages of Appeal
Pie chart of stages of appeal. Description below

Pre municipal decision: 20%. Want to appeal: 39%. Post LPAT appeal: 6%. Other: 45%

Planning Matters
Pie chart of planning matters. Description below

Zoning By-Law: 34%. Official Plan Amendment: 15%. Subdivision: 4%. Consent: 8%. Site Plan: 4%. Variance: 11%. Other: 25%

Top Concerns
  1. Built form
  2. Protection of agriculture
  3. Lot creation
Communities Served


LPASC begins consultation on its services

The Local Planning Appeal Support Centre introduces its interim plan for information and professional services and invites feedback from the community. The Centre is conducting an open consultation until October 31, 2018. LPASC was launched in April 2018 to help people understand and navigate the land use planning and appeal process in Ontario. read more

Case Summary

Early Dispute Resolution Avoids LPAT Appeal

A long-time homeowner in a rural setting had concerns about plans to develop an area immediately adjacent to his property. The site is in a small Ontario city with a population of less than 25,000 that is experiencing growth pressures due to its proximity to a major urban centre. While the site is within the settlement area, this large-scale greenfield development will expand the City into an area that is currently being used for farming. The homeowner is worried about the size of an apartment block proposed next to his house. read more

Interests of rural home owners prevail at LPAT hearing

A municipal council approval of a consent to sever three lots in a rural-agricultural area in Northumberland County was recently put to the test when adjacent residents began to wonder how they might be impacted by the approved development. The proponent had applied to subdivide an existing 8.5-hectare lot, currently in agricultural production, into four new rural-residential lots. read more

Tips & Tools

Download an LPASC Poster

Help share the news

Now there is help for the public to understand the land use planning and appeals process in Ontario. Let people in your community know about LPASC’s services by posting this flyer in a public area. Request printed copies at info@lpasc.ca, or download French or English versions from our website.

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New Brochure on Services

LPASC has developed an Interim Guide to Services and Eligibility. Read about our service plan and provide feedback on LPASC can best help you. Our consultation period is underway until October 31, 2018.Share your comments at lpasc.ca/consultation.


Did you know that by filing a Notice of your intention to resolve an appeal through mediation or other resolution processes, you can extend the deadline to file an appeal with LPAT from 15 days to up to 75?


Did you know that if there is a development application in your community, you can review reports and background studies to gain a better understanding of the application? If you are unable to find reports on the municipality’s website, give them a call.

In the Community

Staff at LPASC are traveling throughout the province to provide information on our services. Join us at upcoming meetings in your area:


Public information Session: An introduction to Bill 139 and LPASC

With: Mary Lee, Executive Director

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 7 to 9 pm

Location: Mississauga Civic Centre

read more


Introduction to LPASC Services

With: Mary Lee, Executive Director

Tuesday, Oct 16, 1:45 to 2:45 pm

Location: Annual Meeting of the Ontario Association of Committees of Adjustment & Consent Authorities Guelph, Ontario

read more


An Urban Land Institute event. Post OMB: Navigating the new Land Use Appeal process

Presenter: Mary Ellen Bench, City Solicitor, City of Mississauga
Overview: Anna Pace, Chair, LPASC
Followed by panel discussion

Time: 7:30am – 9:30am

Location: Mississauga City Hall

read more

What we heard from our clients

"[The LPASC team was] outstanding in their support, preparation, professionalism and presentation… They clearly explained the process ahead and the outcome possibilities… Having that experience on our side was invaluable."

Resident, Northumberland County

"It is precisely those types of specifics for which we are searching. You have been a great help."

Resident, Guelph-Eramosa

The Local Planning Appeal Support Centre helps people understand and navigate the land use planning and appeal process in Ontario. We are an independent agency of the Province of Ontario, accountable to a board of directors.

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