2018-19 Fourth Quarter Expense Report

Listed below is an expense report for LPASC’s Executive Director and the members and Chairperson of the Board. If you require further information about this report, please contact us at info@lpasc.ca.

Anna Pace – Chairperson

Date Reason and Type of Expense Amount
No expenses to report.

Mark Leach – Board Member

Date Reason and Type of Expense        Amount
No expenses to report.

Mary Lee – Executive Director

 Date Reason and Type of Expense  Amount
2019-01-09 Travel to Ottawa for Presentation (Air Fare) $384.53
2019-01-09 Travel from the Local Planning Appeal Support Centre (LPASC) to Airport (Other Transportation) $15.75
2019-01-09 Travel from Ottawa Airport to City Hall (Other Transportation) $34.29
2019-01-09 Travel from City Hall to Hotel (Other Transportation) $7.21
2019-01-10 Travel to Ottawa for City Hall Presentation (Accommodation) $251.41
2019-01-10 Travel from Hotel to Ottawa Airport (Other Transportation) $37.00
2019-01-21 Travel to Hamilton City Hall to deliver presentation (Other Transportation) $50.40
2019-01-21 Parking at Hamilton $8.75
TOTAL       $789.34


Expense types:  Air Fare, Other Transportation, Accommodation, Meals, Incidentals, Hospitality, Other.